Celebrating women in science (and sports)

The hyphen in my last name was a clerical error on my birth certificate (they also misspelled my mom’s name!), but I have ended up loving it because it connects me to both sides of my family. I have grown up with some incredible role models. In a time when some people talk openly about limiting women in science (I don’t care to add links because I don’t want to support them!) I would rather celebrate what is great than spend my energy in negativity.

First up: my paternal grandmother: Margaret King Robinson. She got her masters from UCLA in 1951 and traveled the world measuring ocean temperatures.



I most remember her going after me with a bobby pin to get the hair out of my face. And impeccable table manners even at the end stages of dementia.

I once read her old letters asking her friends to write letters defending her from being attacked as a communist – I don’t know where they ended up after she died unfortunately. She also square danced until she was at least 75. My kinda gal.


Next up: my maternal great-aunt: Helen Dettweiler. Flew planes in WW2, was a sports caster and professional golfer!


I only met her twice but am glad I did! So now I have a pepper shaker from Katherine Hepburn inscribed to Helen! 🙂

Helen inspired this choreography that we did a couple of years ago:


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