Doctor of Philosophy, University of New Mexico (UNM). Department of Biology, Albuquerque, NM. Jan. 2012 –Dec. 2016. Candidacy was reached in May 2014. Passed with Distinction October 2016.

Master of Science, University of Washington (UW), School of Forest Resources, Seattle, WA. June 2011.

Bachelor of Arts, Colgate University (CU), Department of Biology. Hamilton, NY. May 2005. Magna cum laude with high departmental honors.


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Notable grants and fellowships:

Doctoral Dissertation Improvement grant. June 2015. National Science Foundation. DISSERTATION RESEARCH: Biotic control of resource retention in arid lands: testing the fungal loop hypothesis.”

Program in Interdisciplinary Biological and Biomedical Sciences Fellowship, UNM. August 2013-December 2015. Funding and tuition waiver for training and research in interdisciplinary studies.

College of Forest Resources Fellowship, UW, Seattle, WA. Oct. 2008 – June 2009. Awarded to the top applicants to the college for one year of funding and tuition waiver.

Teaching experience:

Teaching Assistant for Ecology and Evolution, UNM BIOL 203L. January 2016-June 2016.

Teaching Assistant for STEM-Gateway redesign of UNM BIOL203L. June 2015-December 2015. Taught BIOL402 elective called “Developing Eco Evo Lab.”

Attended CURE Summer Institute. National Acacemy of Sciences. June 2015, Austin, TX.

Teaching Assistant for Microbiology Lab, UNM BIOL 352L. January 2015-June 2015.

Co-instructor for “Plants, Humans, and Disease: an Evolutionary Perspective”. August 2014-December 2014. Developed syllabus and offered course for upper-level undergraduate students.

Teaching Assistant for Ecology and Evolution, UNM BIOL 203L. January 2013-June 2013.

Teaching Assistant for Plant Physiology, UNM BIOL 578L / 478L. January 2012-June 2012.

Mentor for ninth grade science fair student. 2013-2014, 2016. Student was selected to attend the international science fair

Mentor for Research Experience for Undergraduates at Sevilleta LTER. 2012, 2018. Mentored one undergraduate student in a summer independent project looking at diurnal carbon fixation in biological soil crusts