I’ll be working with Dr. Darrouzet-Nardi for my post-doc. I’m enjoying getting to work with him and his students already! We will be working at the Sevilleta LTER, Jornada LTER, both in NM, and at sites in Moab, UT.

I did my PhD work with Dr. Rudgers and Dr. Sinsabaugh at University of New Mexico. They pushed me to think critically about my own and other research and I’m so grateful! I worked at the Sevilleta LTER and on my dad’s property in norther New Mexico.

I’ve really enjoyed the interdisciplinary interactions that happen at the UNM Center for Stable Isotopes.

My foray into molecular work (using stable isotope probing to identify fungal taxa active in both plant rhizospheres and biocrusts) have been facilitated by wonderful faculty and staff at NAU, KSU, and here at UNM.

I did my masters work with Dr. Bakker at University of Washington & Dr. Davies looking at fire in sagebrush shrubsteppe. Both have great research in disturbance and restoration in various systems.

I did undergrad research on shrew behavioral ecology with Dr. McCay at Colgate University. He has done some really cool work with making research networks with undergrad-teaching universities.