Beauty and complexity

Two parts of my life seemed unrelated, only to coalesce into a fun new idea. 1. I am SO proud of my best friend - she is starting her own business where she builds relationships with artisans across the world and brings beauty to our homes! She off-hand told me that she can design … Continue reading Beauty and complexity


Science and Policy

I took a great course last semester with Dr. Hurteau called "Science and Policy." As all great classes do, it made me think deeply about my place in the world. I learned that I would much rather be an "honest broker" than an "issue advocate". In practice, that means providing ALL options that have been … Continue reading Science and Policy

Teaching unit: “Microbes are important to drylands” for 4-5th graders.

My fellow graduate student Anny and I worked up a teaching unit to reach out to the younger scientists among us. We piloted it at my friend Jessica Balboa's classroom last month and then added some final touches. Let me emphasize that we had! with the 20 students that attended. They also SCHOOLED me … Continue reading Teaching unit: “Microbes are important to drylands” for 4-5th graders.